Here at Life Choice International Mission, we see the value in everyone. We want to be a catalyst for positive change, we've been driven by the ideas of: Building, Education and Developing your Communities. 
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"A community of changed mindset through Building, Educating and Developing Resources" 

Rosel Joy Bona 




  • Mission to promote the integral human development of the people who are poor and marginalised, especially the urban poor in order to alleviate their causes through trainings, educations and formation programs. 

  • Mission to provide opportunities for people in need to improve the quality of their lives through efficient and effective management of resources. 

  • Mission to conduce livelihood training activities non-formal education, building fund project and scholarship assistance. 

  • Mission to accept grants, contributions, donations, fundraising and other forms of financial and technical assistance to be used for the maintenance in fulfilling its purpose and objective. 



  • To develop a method of teaching approach manuel in the context of art and communications. 

  • To increase our child sponsorship from 100 children within a 25% increase every year from 2020. 

  • To provide our children the skills they need in order to become tomorrow's effective leaders. 

  • To develop a safety net and be able to build permanent school building for the use of our overseas partners and accomodate more students. 

  • To sustain, support and empower women, marriage, business ideas, pastors, teachers, community leaders and conferences hosted by the local churches. 

  • To expand, maintain the on going leadership training and conferences. 

  • To carry out such other functions and purposes which are necessary or incidental to the other objects of the company. 

  • To create a family planning program within the context of local community and nation best interest as on of the solution to minimise poverty n developing countries around the globe.